What is Playmusician?

PlayMusician provides a platform for artists, both upcoming and established, to showcase their talent . We provide a comfortable, laid back venue with the intention of being a place where people can come together and enjoy local artists and entertainment . We help local businesses such as bars/restaurants become music venues . Playmusician has been an artist bedrock since 2010. PlayMusician is a group that showcases local artists and musicians by creating musical events with eclectic themes and showcasing them. Seasoned artists are matched with up and coming musicians based on a theme. We also promote other types of artists such as photographers, videographers, painters, comedians, dancers, etc. The PM community is a growing community of artists , businesses and community through events, website, social media and personal networking. Playmusician is a music and professional services website, and has always offered a family friendly and professional environment. Any member posting irrelevant material on this website or any information that is not family friendly and deemed offensive will be removed. Continued posts of such irrelevant and /or offensive material will be cause for membership removal.